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Centre for Waste to Wealth, Research and Development (CW2WRAD)

Education is the key to increasing public awareness on waste management and how it affects climate change. If we educate the next generation on the conversion of wastes to wealth, we can implement a life cycle assessment (LCA) of raw materials used to manufacture a commercial product, process, or service - all geared towards creating a cleaner and greener ecosystem.

Established in the year 1980, the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) is located in the southeastern part of Nigeria. FUTO currently has eleven (11) schools, and thirteen centres with the Centre for Waste to Wealth, Research and Development (CW2WRAD) as the most recent.

For more information, you may kindly visit the university website at www.futo.edu.ng.

CW2WRAD is focused on Waste to Wealth (i.e converting waste to reusable/upcycled products while ameliorating the effect of environmental pollution caused by solid waste depositions on the environment. Currently, our emphasis is on the effects of environmental pollution emanating from municipal solid and general wastes.

The centre engages in organizing seminars, training and re-training of interested participants involved in the waste disposal and resource recovery. More still, we recycle, upcycle, produce organic fertilizer and generate green energy from wastes.

  •  Our waste to wealth centre helps you recycle more to reduce waste to landfills.
  •  Our waste to wealth centre remains open to the public, with enhanced safety and social distancing measures in place. Find out more in our portfolio section.

To be a centre of excellence for wealth to waste creation through fundamental research and development of products while ameliorating the effect of environmental pollution.


To provide an enabling environment for the development of an advanced technology through collaborative research, practical and result-oriented programmes and training activities all geared towards protecting the environment while creating economic opportunities.

Faculty Board

Dr Mrs E Eze

Dr Mrs Egejuru Eze

Engr. Prof. M. S. Nwakaudu

Engr. Prof. Madueke Stanley Nwakaudu

Engr. Prof. Madufor

Engr. Prof. I. C. Madufor

Dr.Ocheze B Q

Dr. Ocheze Basil Quent

Engr. Prof. Nwandikom

Engr. Prof. G. I. Nwandikom

Dr. Okeudo

Dr. G. N. Okeudo

Engr. Dr. N. C. Iheaturu

Engr. Dr. Nnamdi C. Iheaturu

Engr. Dr. J. Onojo

Engr. Dr. Onojo James

Dr. T E Ogbulie

Dr. Toochukwu E. Ogbulie

Engr. Dr. O. E. Onyelucheya

Engr. Dr. Okechukwu E. Onyelucheya